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Another inmate at the Mecklenburg County Jail has committed suicide inside the jail. 41-year old jail inmate John Haley hung himself with blankets to the point of death on May 22, 2021. The jail is located at 801 East Fourth Street Charlotte, NC.

John Haley

John Haley

John is the second inmate to die at the Mecklenburg County jail in May 2021, Karon Golightly died on May 14th. 

A jail guard was making medication rounds and got no answer while knocking at John's jail cell. The guard eventually saw John hanging by a blanket attached in the area of the window or wall. 

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The jail guard took John from the blanket and called for medical back-up. 

John was found unresponsive. CPR was performed by medical staff, but John was pronounced deceased. 

There were no signs of foul play and all preliminary reports indicate John committed suicide. The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Bureau will conduct a thorough investigation as the medical examiner determines the exact cause of death.