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On Sunday, May 2, 2021, a Sergeant at the Mecklenburg County Jail in uptown Charlotte, NC was stabbed several times with a sharp object during an altercation with an inmate. 

Sherrod Davidson

Sherrod Davidson

30-year old Sherrod Davidson is the jail inmate accused of stabbing the jail guard. Stabbings inside a jail or prison are usually referred to as 'shankings' or 'shanked', meaning 'to shank'. 

Sgt. G. Anthony was stabbed 3 times with a sharp inmate made weapon or 'shank', allegedly by jail inmate Sherrod. Sgt. Anthony suffered bleeding and injuries during the stabbing.  

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Sgt. Anthony was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. In March 2021 a jail guard was cut in the head by an inmate, several other guards were hurt, all in the notorious Mecklenburg County Jail.