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The Japan 49 restaurant located at 10920 Winds Crossing Dr. Charlotte, NC scored a terrible 82.50 B on a January 29, 2021 food safety inspection. There were several fly strips with an astronomical amount of dead flies throughout Japan 49.

The inspector observed Japan 49 employees handle trash, raw foods, and soiled handles with gloved hands without proper hand washing and discarding gloves upon finishing the tasks.

In fact no hand washing occurred during the inspection until the inspector instructed the Japan 49 staff to properly wash their hands.

The beef broth mix and two containers of peppers had dark growth on them. Disgusting! The items were thrown away. The Japan 49 manager handled raw shrimp without discarding gloves and washing hands, instead the manager proceeded to handle ready to eat rice.

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The Japan 49 floors, walls, and ceilings had food and grease debris build up.

Two large containers of rice were being held at unsafe temperatures above 41F and had to be discarded. The ice machine had dark build up on the shield. Also there were several knives, plates, metal containers, and even the salad tosser stored cleaned according to employees with food debris still left on them.

The ribs, rice, cut lettuce, crab, wontons, egg roles, cooked shrimp, and noodles all were without date markings, giving no indication of when the foods were set to expire. Several in use scoops with handles or the entire scoop were stored in food products throughout the facility; those actions may lead to cross contamination.

All the cooking equipment, cold holding equipment, hot holding equipment, outsides of storage containers, and racks throughout Japan 49 had grease and food debris build up on them.