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Clark County District Court Judge Jasmin Lilly-Spells, 39, was arrested on Mother's Day 2022 May 8th in Las Vegas. Judge Jasmin is charged with domestic battery.

Jasmin Lilly-Spells

Jasmin Lilly-Spells

Judge Jasmin and her husband were at home arguing. Things got so heated during the argument that the judge allegedly took 2 of her husband's play station gaming systems and stabbed them with a screw driver.

The husband told the judge to stop. The judge is then accused of pushing her husband out of the way and onto the ground. The judge's husband says that he suffers from sciatica, and the alleged push really hurt him. 

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The husband got most of the encounter on video. The couple's kids were in the house at the time of the incident. The judge's husband called police at 5:30 p.m.

Police responded to the domestic disturbance. The judge's attorney was already present by the time police arrived at the home. The judge's husband showed cops the video, and Judge Jasmin was arrested and taken to jail.

Judge Jasmin's attorney told her not to speak to police.

Judge Jasmin has been a judge since November 2020. Prior to her election, she worked in the Clark County Public Defender's Office as the Chief Deputy Public Defender.