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Kevin, 23, the ex-football star was arrested in February 2017 on charges that he raped a woman repeatedly in a residence near UNC- Charlotte, which is the university Kevin was the quarterback at until they kicked him off the team following his 2017 rape arrest.

NFL Tight end Greg Olsen is Kevin's big brother. So they had plenty of money for a good attorney.

On or near the day of the alleged rape Kevin sent text messages to the victim threatening to kill her if she left him.

> Kevin texted saying, “I’ll kill ur bitch ass.”

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Yea, messages like that don't scream innocence.

Kevin is a troubled person, he was dismissed from several college football teams in a short amount of time, and Kevin always ends up in trouble wherever he goes.

But, when big brother is a multi-millionaire, what can you expect?

The jury found Kevin not guilty of all rape charges in court today.