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 On May 3, 2021 the Kohl’s store was evacuated after an angry customer pulled out a gun on the Kohl's staff. 

Suspect in gun threat at Kohl's (Kohl's surveillance photo) 

Suspect in gun threat at Kohl's (Kohl's surveillance photo) 

The encounter happened around 5 p.m. at the Kohl’s at 9617 East Independence Boulevard Matthews, NC.

The dispute started when the suspect and employees at Kohl's had some sort of disagreement. The suspect soon began threatening Kohl's staff members and customers with a gun that she pulled out of her purse. 

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No shots were fired and the suspect left. Store employees were not hurt. 911 was called and the store was evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

Upon officers arrival, the store was immediately evacuated of all customers and employees as officers began to search for the suspect. 

After a methodical search, along with confirmation by the store video surveillance system, it was determined the suspect had left the store.

Surveillance photos show the woman wore large sunglasses and a ball cap in the store, but pulled down her COVID mask.

Investigators are seeking tips to find the suspect, who could be charged with communicating threats.