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On April 21, 2021 the La Fiesta Grande restaurant scored a very low 83.50 B on a food safety inspection. La Fiesta Grande is located at 10916 Black Dog Ln. Charlotte, NC.

During the inspection there was a lack of active managerial control in the kitchen; specific areas include cooking, cooling, hand washing, and employees training in food safety. The inspector observed containers of food on the floor in the walk-in cooler and the freezer, including a pot of meat and several boxes.

A trash can sized container of queso cheese was at an unacceptable temperature of 60F, the queso cheese was thrown away. A mixed combination of pork, potatoes, queso, and open milk had expired date markings.

La Fiesta Grande employees were seen handling raw chicken and then putting on gloves, further they were seen going to other stations and handling utensils without washing their hands. The inspector had to stop the employees and instruct them to wash their hands, which resulted in a major point deduction.

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There were numerous instances of employees putting on gloves without washing their hands when switching tasks. Chicken was being cooked at unsafe temperatures.

The inspector saw multiple employee drinks in the kitchen that were uncovered or stored improperly including two open drinks on the prep table where active food prep was occurring with raw chicken and vegetables.

Many raw and cooked meats were found uncovered in the walk-in coolers. There were wet and dirty wiping clothes sitting on prep tables. La Fiesta Grande had wet stacked metal pans in the kitchen above the 3 compartment sink. Pans are suppose to be stacked dry to prevent mold and mildew build-up.

The inspection noted very damaged floor tiles in the walk-in cooler, there was even a missing ceiling tile.