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The La Preferida Mexican Restaurant scored an 84 B during a December 2, 2021 food safety inspection. The establishment is located at 6625 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC.


The employees were seen multiple times not washing their hands properly or not at all during the inspection. Also the employees weren't preventing cross contamination of ready to eat foods, the employees were not changing single use contaminated gloves. 

The inspector asked a food employee about the employee health policy, and the employee did not know where to find the information and couldn't name signs and symptoms to look for in sick employees. 

The manager was asked the same question and could not identify any signs, symptoms, or food borne illnesses.

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During the inspection, an employee was in the middle of preparing food and then went to the walk-in cooler to gather items; the employee returned to working on the cook line without washing hands.

An employee was seen handling raw shrimp with a gloved hand and then handling raw onions to place on a taco without washing hands in between.  

The La Preferida Mexican Restaurant had no parasite destruction letter present. State law requires that a parasite destruction letter is kept on site stating that any fish served undercooked is free of parasites.

There were several items in a prep unit above the safe temperature threshold of 41F; the food included 44 tomatoes, 45 raw shrimp, 44 raw chicken pieces, 43 cooked shrimp, and 43 pieces of cooked pork.

The prep unit cooler was holding food at unsafe temperatures of 44-45F and was not in good working condition.

The inspector observed damaged floor tiles and wall damage in areas of La Preferida Mexican Restaurant.