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The Las Meras Tortas restaurant located at 5661 Farm Pond Lane Charlotte, NC scored a 86.50 B grade during a health sanitation inspection on December 3, 2019.

An employee was observed coming in from outside and returning to food prep without washing hands. The employee also touched soiled dishes and returned to prep raw beef without washing hands. The inspector educated the employee about hand washing and the employee washed their hands.

Even more disgusting, a container of green salsa being stored in a pan was on top of a trash can.

Several dishes that were deemed clean on the drying rack by the person in charge were dirty and soiled with food debris. The inspector ordered the dishes be placed in the washing compartment to be rewashed.

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Corn tamales with cooked chicken, beef, and pork were observed cooling in a bus pan from the night before on the prep counter. The person in charge stated the tamales were cooked the night before and left on the table. The inspector had the food discarded.

The reach-in cooler contained several foods measuring above 41F. Also the cooler was leaking water heavily and holding at 60F. The foods in the cooler were discarded.

Las Meras Tortas must now refrain from using this cooler until it is repaired and the inspector has returned to verify.