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The El Mariachi restaurant located at 6301 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC earned a B score of 86.50 during a January 8, 2021 food safety inspection. There were no paper towels at the employee hand sink; that is a sign of poor handwashing.

Several dirty knives were stored as clean. Even the fruit and vegetable peeler was dirty and had leftover peelings on the blade. There were several fruit flies seen at the meat department hand sink.

Several foods had to be discarded due to unsafe temperatures. The beef, ground beef, and chicken were all above 41F in the flip top cooler reach in. Also the rice was above 41F in the walk in cooler and had to be thrown out.

The inspector observed tamales, beef, and lamb hot holding at unsafe temperatures below 135F in the steam table. The inspector observed no dates on the ground beef, chicken, and beef stored in a reach-in cooler, the food had to be thrown away.

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The ground beef and chicken in another cooler had no date and was discarded. Boxes of meat were stored on the floor in the walk in cooler and freezer at the meat department.

An employee was seen without a hair restraint. The microwave and storage racks had debris and sticky residue build up. There was also a build up of debris inside the tracks of the display case at the meat market.