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A Leather & Lace strip club in Charlotte, NC has lost their liquor license for 80 days. The suspension is due to cocaine sales in the parking lot and strippers drinking alcohol on site. The suspension comes after a more than six-month long investigation by North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement, according to the state ABC commission.

The Leather & Lace location in question is at 2102 South Blvd. The liquor license will be suspended for 80 days beginning June 2020, according to the commission. MAL Entertainment Inc. is owned by David Baucom Jr., MAL owns several Leather & Lace locations.

The ABC violations cited in the reports include illegal drug use, and “consumption and intoxication.”

The ABC commission reports cited these actions:

▪ In April, undercover ALE agents went to the club and one dancer, “Aspen,” talked about possibly helping buy cocaine, but there was no transaction. An ALE agent purchased a Patron tequila and pineapple juice for her after she asked him to, documents say.

▪ In June, “Aspen” twice asked an undercover agent to buy her the alcoholic drink, Tequila Sunrise, ALE documents show. According to ABC permit applications and procedures, employees are not allowed to work while consuming or after consuming alcoholic beverages.

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After taking the agent to a VIP area for a dance, she said “you are in for a treat,” taking a drag off a vape pen, the complaint says. “The vapor had a strong odor of marijuana,” the agent said in the report. The dancer told him it was 96% pure THC oil and “as the session was ending she asked if I wanted to take a hit of the pen.”

The agent then saw another dancer ask and get a Grey Goose vodka shot from another customer. An agent also asked if Aspen could hook him up with “coke,” according to the complaint. She agreed but no transaction took place.

▪ Another agent purchased 1.06 grams of cocaine for $80 from a patron called “Shorty” in his car in the club’s parking lot, according to the complaint.

On Dec. 13, ALE agents returned to follow up on the complaint of dancers consuming alcohol while working.

Agents collected handheld breathalyzer samples from seven dancers.

One had slurred speech and staggered walking into the changing room. Her breath alcohol concentration was 0.31. She said she drank before work and had two malt beverages on the job, the complaint says, and was charged with consuming alcohol on duty.