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On June 26, 2020 the Lempira Restaurant scored a very bad 88 B during a health inspection. The Lempira Restaurant is located at 5906 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC. Lets start with the interior of the ice machine having black mold. Restaurants are suppose to be extra clean during the Coronavirus pandemic.

There were several Lempira Restaurant food handlers seen not washing their hands between changing gloves, taking trash out, changing tasks, going in and out of walk-in cooler, and coming from outside. The inspector saw an employee handle dirty equipment and utensils and then handle clean utensils without washing their hands.

There were HVAC vents in need of cleaning.

The following products were cooling at an unsafe temperature of over 41F: refried beans, beans, beef broth, salsas, Elote tamale, pollo tamale, and frijoles chicken broth. The inspector saw to it that most of the food was thrown away. Foods are suppose to be cold holding below 41F.

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Also shrimp, fish, shredded lettuce, and cabbage were cold holding above 41F, that food had to be discarded too. Flies were in the back storage room; the premise should be free of insects, rodents, and other pests.

The inspector observed metal pans being wet stacked at the dish area. Sanitizer was visibly soiled in the ware washing sink while equipment and utensils were being washed. The interior of the reach in coolers and cooking equipment were in need of cleaning.

There were personal items, phones, purses etc. stored throughout the kitchen, food prep, and ware-washing areas.