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A Little Caesars pizza restaurant sure didn't have little problems during a health inspection where they received a 88.50 B score. The Little Caesars on 228 Eastway Drive Charlotte, NC is the location in question.

On Hallowean 2019 the Little Caesars was inspected. There was a 1 foot hole in a wall of the employee restroom.

An employee was seen handling his personal phone then picking up plastic wrap off the floor and then handling pizza dough without washing his hands. The inspector corrected the employee, and saw to it that the handled dough was disposed of, the employee was ordered to wash his hands.

A number of dishes were stored as clean but still had food debris and flour debris left on them, the can opener in the pizza prep area was also dirty. The inspector had the dishes rewashed.

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There was a dingy looking towel stored on the edge of a pizza sauce pan on the make table, the towel was removed.

Several floors throughout the facility were in need of cleaning.