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Getting arrested is horrible, no one wants to go to jail. After all, some people in the big slammer are actually innocent or are in there because some idiot cop blew a situation out of proportion. For some folks, getting arrested is no big deal, because they've been there done that before. But for many, jail is a new scary experience.


Food is horrible in jail and there are many inmates that stink. Fights are prevalent in jail too. There are ruthless inmates that will fight over county jail quality skimpy fried chicken and commissary. There are millionaires and doctors in jail for child pornography. There are inmates in jail for white collar fraud that never thought they would get caught. All the while they could of been on some marvelous vacation.

Most people that get arrested are ugly unattractive criminals with lengthy criminal backgrounds. But, on the other hand there are attractive people that get arrested for various alleged offenses. From long flowing hair, to beautiful blue eyes, to premiere make-up, to pretty white teeth, to chiseled manly faces-there are some people that have been in handcuffs who actually look decent.

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The ladies and gentlemen in this picture may not get a million dollar modeling contract, but at least they look better than the career criminals that are in and out of jail. It is never a comfortable environment when crack heads and hardened criminals are thrown into the same jail cell with pretty faces and first time offenders.

Some men dress up as women in their mugshots, not in this headline though.

It may behoove you to just stay out of jail. With the Coronavirus in full steam, jail is the last place you want to be.