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Eddie V's Prime Seafood located at 101 South Tryon Street Suite 100 Charlotte, NC is a premiere destination for people with deep pockets to dine at. The atmosphere is beautiful and the prices are expensive.

The Eddie V's Prime Seafood at the mentioned location scored a ridiculous 83.50 health inspection on March 7, 2019. That is a bad score!!

Less than a month later on April 3, 2019 the same restaurant scored a 92 health inspection score. Most luxury restaurants have a score of 95 or better. 

A Wendy's scored a 86.50 on a health inspection score, there were flies in the kitchen and ants in the dining room.

Per the inspection that yielded a score of 83.50 at Eddie V's Prime Seafood, some of the most notable violations included:

Health officials observed overall lack of managerial control throughout kitchen as evidenced by poor hand washing, improper cold handling, improper hot handling, lack of knowledge of employee health policy, and hand washing/glove change issues. 

Health officials noted several employees were unable to provide food borne illnesses and symptoms that they should not come to work with. Only one employee was able to name all illnesses.    

An employee's drink was stored on the prep top in the back kitchen and on the front line. Another employee's drink was stored on a shelf directly above clean dishes.  

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An employee even handled dirty dishes and then changed gloves without washing hands. 

An employee loaded dirty dishes and then moved on to handle clean dishes without washing hands or changing gloves. Also, several food handlers had no hair restraints for their hair. 

An employee's purse was stored on a shelf directly above clean dishes. A book bag was stored on clean linen in the linen closet.

Health inspectors saw to it that the violations were corrected on site.

A subsequent health inspection was done on April 3, 2019 in which Eddie V's Prime Seafood at the mentioned location scored a 92.

Some violations included:

A employee hand washing sink was blocked by dirty dishes and utensils.

Health officials observed unwashed produce stored over washed ready to eat produce in walk-in cooler. Raw sea bass was over ready to eat food in walk-in cooler on speed rack.

There were also other violations. Health officials made sure violations were corrected on site.