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Lyft driver Kevyn Rojas, 28, was arrested on March 1, 2022 after being accused of raping a intoxicated female passenger catching a Lyft ride home in his vehicle in Miami, Florida.

Kevyn Rojas

Kevyn Rojas

A female tourist was visiting Miami in late February 2022 and had several alcoholic beverages at a bar. The woman began to feel sick and ordered a Lyft to take her back to her hotel. The woman regurgitated a few times due to the alcohol. 

Kevyn was working for Lyft and arrived at the bar to pick the victim up. The woman got in the back seat of Kevyn's car and fell asleep. Authorities say the suspect drove and parked the car. The suspect is accused of then getting into the back seat of the car and pulling up the woman's dress and taking off her underwear.

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Kevyn is then accused of sexually assaulting the woman. Afterwards, Kevyn dropped the woman off at the hotel and left. The woman called police.

Kevyn was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a helpless victim.