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On July 17, 2019 a health inspection at Mallard Creek Elementary School in Charlotte, NC resulted in a health score of 88. The school is located at 9801 Mallard Creek Rd.

It was observed by an inspector that there were live and dead roaches throughout school classrooms.

Per state law, there shall be no fly or mosquito breeding places, rodent harborages, or undrained areas on the premises. It is directed that pesticides should be used.

Another violation included chemical closets left unlocked with numerous hazardous items accessible.

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School drinking fountains are to be kept clean and in good repair. But water fountain mouth guards at Mallard Creek Elementary were in need of cleaning near the gym.

There were also water damaged ceiling tiles throughout Mallard Creek Elementary in need of repair.

Human beings hate roaches, so it should be to no surprise when establishments score poorly on health inspections due to insects. A January 2019 health inspection at the Ink N Ivy restaurant found many dead roaches in the liquor room.

A recent inspection at a Mexican restaurant determined that there were multiple flies in the kitchen.