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On March 6, 2022 Erica Thomas, 38, was shot and killed in an alleged murder suicide. Erica's ex-husband Joshua Laney, 41, is accused of murdering Erica and then committing suicide in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Erica Thomas and Joshua Laney

Erica Thomas and Joshua Laney

The encounter was around 6 in the evening and started as a verbal domestic disturbance at a home. During the confrontation, Laney is accused of shooting Erica with a rifle. Erica died on scene.

Police say that Laney then shot and killed himself with the rifle. Several 911 calls were made due to gunshots. Cops arrived at the home and found Erica dead in the driveway.

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Laney was found shot in the driveway still alive, he was taken to the hospital, but died a short time later.