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Van Brisbon, 60, is charged with the murder of his girlfriend's daughter 16-year-old Lauren Juma. The victim was murdered on April 29, 2022 in Humble, Texas. Lauren was a high school cheerleader.

Van Brisbon and Lauren Juma

Van Brisbon and Lauren Juma

At 1 in the morning Brisbon was home alone with Lauren, as they lived in the same house for 3 years since Brisbon was dating Lauren's mother.

Lauren did a video call with her mom and her sister, telling them that Brisbon was acting weird. Lauren's sister then agreed to come to the home to get Lauren away from the house.

On the call, Lauren said that Brisbon was standing inside her room in the dark and wanted her mother to tell him to get out, the woman proceeded to tell Brisbon to get out.

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Lauren is then heard screaming and saying,

"Mom, he has a gun," The call ended instantly.

Lauren's mom called police. Once authorities arrived, they heard several gunshots. Brisbon came outside the house pulling his pants up and adjusting them. Lauren was seen dead with her shorts down to her knees. Brisbon was then arrested and charged with murder.

A judge set Brisbon's bond at $2 million. Authorities have requested that a sexual assault test be performed on Lauren to determine if she was raped moments before she was murdered.