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Corey Patterson has been arrested, charged with murdering Jaqusica Wilson, 27, on February 13, 2022 on Swan Drive Charlotte, NC. Corey and Jaqusica share a child together identified as 3-year-old Marlaya Patterson. Corey is accused of taking Marlaya away after Jaqusica was murdered.

Corey Patterson and Jaqusica Wilson

Corey Patterson and Jaqusica Wilson

Corey is charged with murder and possession of firearm by felon. Jaqusica was murdered on February 13, 2022 at a home on Swan Drive. Jaqusica was strangled and then shot and killed.

Following Jaqusica's murder, her daughter 3-year-old Marlaya was taken away by Corey. Marlaya and Corey could not be found, so an Amber Alert was issued.

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After an extensive effort, police were able to locate Marlaya and Corey. Marlaya has been reunited with her family and is safe. Corey is now in jail.