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On March 13, 2021 Malik Halfacre, 25, allegedly shot and killed 4 people during a argument over stimulus check money, officials say. Three adults and one child were killed in the shooting that took place in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Malik was in a argument with several people over stimulus checks, he is accused of then taking out a gun and shooting several people, killing 4. The mother of Malik's daughter was shot also, but survived. Malik wanted stimulus check money from his baby's mother, an affidavit says.

After the shooting, Malik fled in a SUV and hid in the attic of a nearby home. Malik was arrested the next day by a SWAT team. Malik is facing preliminary murder, attempted murder, and robbery charges.

The dead victims were identified by the Marion County Coroner's office as Anthony Johnson, 35, Dequan Moore, 23, Tomeeka Brown, 44, and 7-year-old Eve Moore. $1,400 stimulus checks and direct deposits are being sent to most Americans during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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