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On December 23, 2019 Rickey Lockwood, 36, was arrested on charges of first degree murder and child abuse.

A 911 call was made for a 2-year-old child that was not breathing on December 23. The child was identified as Eli Steele.

While en route police received word that the two-year-old boy was being driven to a hospital by Rickey. The boy was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Medical staff reported that Eli had bruises on his face, a rib fracture and severe brain and spinal injuries. Hospital officials say, "the brain and spinal injuries were so severe that the victim would have become unresponsive immediately."

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Rickey and the child's mother were in the process of potty training Eli.

During an interrogation Rickey denied hurting the child, denied bathing him, and said the boy never soiled himself.

Affidavits say that during a search of the home, soiled children's clothing and a shirt with red stains were found.
Rickey was arrested and charged with Eli's murder.