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On March 9, 2022 in Charlotte, NC Daekwon Dodd, 26, was arrested charged with murdering his girlfriend 28-year-old Tatina Buddington. They were in a relationship when Tatina was shot and killed in Sevier County, Tennessee on January 10, 2022.

Daekwon Dodd and Tatina Buddington

Daekwon Dodd and Tatina Buddington

Tatina and Daekwon were on vacation together in Tennessee. The two were inside of a winter cabin when Tatina was shot and killed at 8:30 a.m.

The shots were heard and police were called. First responders arrived and found Tatina dead inside the cabin and Daekwon outside on the ground. 

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It appears that Daekwon jumped from a third story balcony from the cabin. Daekwon was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and was in serious condition; he hurt his neck very badly. Daekwon was eventually released from the hospital.

2 months later a Sevier County grand jury returned an indictment for second degree murder and aggravated assault resulting in death against Daekwon.

Daekwon was then arrested by the United States Marshal’s Service in Charlotte, NC while he was wearing a neck brace due to the injury he sustained during the fall or jump from the third story window. He must now have a extradition hearing and be transported back to the Sevier County Jail.