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On August 25, 2022 Gage Ford was found guilty of physically assaulting his pregnant girlfriend Ally Stephens, 21, in Cleveland, County Oklahoma.  

Ally Stephens and Gage Ford

Ally Stephens and Gage Ford

The beating occurred in October 2020. Ally was pregnant with Gage's baby. Ally and Gage got into an argument over Gage wanting Ally to abort the baby. Ally refused and Gage beat her.

Gage became violent and struck Ally several times in the face and body. The victim sustained multiple injuries to her face and head.

Ally went to the hospital and Gage fled the scene.

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Ally had severe trauma and she was beaten unconscious, Gage continued to strike her even after she was unconscious, he also hit her in the stomach.

A jury found Gage guilty on criminal felony charges of assault and battery by means or force likely to produce death and one count of domestic assault and battery against a pregnant woman. A judge then ordered Gage to 40 years in prison.