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Dominick Daise, 32, was arrested today for the murder of four people that occurred in 2008.

The deceased individuals have been identified as William Royster, Andrew Babyak, Cherilyn Crawford, and Timothy Stone.

The homicides took place on High Meadow Lane, Charlotte, NC. On Monday, March 24, 2008 a officer was flagged down and was advised that two individuals may be deceased in an apartment on High Meadow Lane. Responding officers entered the apartment and located four deceased individuals.

As a result of the continued investigation into this homicide by the CMPD’s Cold Case Unit, Dominick was identified as a suspect in 2019, and murder warrants were subsequently issued for his arrest. 

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Dominick was arrested without incident and interviewed by Cold Case Detectives at Police Headquarters. Dominick is charged with four counts of murder.