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On December 22, 2021 Officer Mia Goodwin, 33, was killed in a 7 car pile up wreck on Interstate 85 in Charlotte, NC. Now Daniel Morgan, 50, is charged with killing Mia.

Daniel Morgan and Mia Goodwin

Daniel Morgan and Mia Goodwin

Authorities say Daniel was the operator of the 18-wheeler truck that contributed to this motor vehicle crash.

Mia was investigating a crash involving an 18-wheeler truck that turned over and spilled grain on the highway. At the crash scene, another 18-wheeler truck hit a third semi-truck and caused a massive collision.

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Officials say Daniel was driving the truck and failed to reduce speed.

The collided trucks then hit several police cruisers and Mia. Several police officers were injured and had to be hospitalized. Mia died at the scene.

Daniel was screened for impairment and deemed not impaired. Daniel was charged with involuntary manslaughter, misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, failure to reduce speed, and felony failure to move over for stopped emergency vehicles.

Daniel was also cited on a charge of displaying a fictitious registration plate.

Mia had 3 young kids and a husband.