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Michael Cornwell, 27, was arrested on September 13, 2022, charged with murdering James Freiburg, 48, on Hillgrove Lane Charlotte, NC. Michael was arrested earlier in 2022 accused of running over a cop.

Michael Cornwell

Michael Cornwell

On March 5, 2022 around 3 a.m., there was a shootout in a parking lot near Hillgrove Lane. Several suspects were shooting at each other. James Freiburg was a innocent bystander and he was shot by a stray bullet.

James was found inside an apartment suffering from life threatening injuries. Paramedics were called and they pronounced James deceased on scene.

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In September 2022 detectives identified Micheal as a suspect in the murder of James, and he was arrested charged with 1st degree murder. James was a popular DJ and radio personnel.

But Micheal also allegedly ran over a cop in July.