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43-year-old Cecil Oxner was arrested and charged in connection with the recent shooting near the Babylon Hookah Lounge on College Street Charlotte, NC.

Cecil Oxner

Cecil Oxner

On May 19, 2021, Cecil was identified as a suspect. Cecil was allegedly the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the shooting. Cecil is charged with attempted first degree murder.

Video of the shooting can be seen by clicking here.  

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The shooting was on May 17, 2021. Over 50 shots were fired at the direction of the Babylon Hookah Lounge. Several men were seen on video shooting shots at cars, people, and the hookah lounge. 

An AK-47 gun was used along with a 9 mm pistol with an extended clip, other guns were used also. One man was shot and is in intensive care at the hospital.