Antonio Cabral

A young girl found explicit pictures of herself on a man's phone during a birthday party

Antonio Cabral, 57, video recorded a young girl in his bathroom using a hidden camera in a electrical outlet. The crime occurred in Charlotte, NC.

Antonio was found guilty and sentenced to 15-27 months in prison. Antonio was charged with felony secret peeping and indecent liberties with a child.

Upon his release from prison, Cabral must register as a sex offender for 30 years.

In September 2016, the young female victim was searching through Antonio’s phone, looking for pictures of a birthday party. As she searched, she discovered inappropriate images of herself in a bathroom. The victim was horrified and showed the images to her mother, and together they made a report to authorities.

The victim and her mother both reported seeing a strange black device plugged into a bathroom outlet. The device could not be located and was not recovered.

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This is just some bs. What they are doing to him it is very unprofessional. The lawyer did not do anything she even told him not to get any witness. Those women the only thing they want is to get papers because her daughter couldn get them. This bot fair for him after all he has done for even getting her out of the strip club buying her a home and even making a company toguether. The case should be reopen again. And get more evidence because they are lying for sure. They are the want ploting everhting againts him