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7-year-old Kennedy Maxie was murdered during a wild shooting inside a mall parking lot in Atlanta, GA. On August 18, 2022 Daquan Reed was convicted of murdering Kennedy.

 Daquan Reed and Kennedy Maxie

 Daquan Reed and Kennedy Maxie

Kennedy was shot on December 21, 2021 while Christmas shopping with her mother at a mall. 

Daquan was in the mall parking lot and he got into an argument with someone. Daquan was robbed by suspects and he fired his gun out his car window.

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One of those bullets hit Kennedy in the head as she was in a car with her aunt and mom. Kennedy was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Kennedy died the day after Christmas on December 26, 2021.

Although Kennedy was not the intended target and was killed by a stray bullet, a jury still convicted Daquan of murder at his August 2022 court trial.

Daquan was found guilty of murder by a Fulton County jury. His sentencing hearing has not been scheduled yet.