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20-year-old Dontray Pharr (Seen here) has a way with escape. Dontray is currently on the run after he got away from cops in their own patrol vehicle. Dontray did all of this in handcuffs from the back seat of a patrol vehicle.

They don't teach this stuff in Grand Theft Auto.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 24, 2018 officers conducted a traffic stop on Sunset Road. During the traffic stop, the driver Dontray was placed under arrest, handcuffed behind his back and placed in the back of a marked patrol vehicle as seen in the picture Charlotte Alerts provided. The officers then began searching Dontray's vehicle.

While the officers were searching, Dontray was able to move his handcuffs in front of him and squeeze through a very small window in the interior of the patrol car that was open to allow air conditioning into the prisoner area. Dontray then fled the scene in the officer’s marked patrol vehicle.

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The patrol vehicle was located a short time later, unoccupied, at Hidden Creek Drive and Tansy Drive. Members of the K-9 Unit and Aviation Unit searched the area but were unable to locate Dontray.

Dontray currently has multiple, active warrants against him for Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Counterfeit Instruments, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resist Delay Obstruct, Flee to Elude Arrest, Impersonating Law Enforcement, Aggressive Driving and Injury to Personal Property.

The CMPD is currently reviewing potential modifications to these windows to prevent this type of incident from happening again in the future.