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20-year-old Nicholas Snead was found dead inside his car submerged in a creek on January 6, 2023 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Nicholas had been missing since before Christmas.

Nicholas Snead

Nicholas Snead

Nicholas was reported missing on December 23, 2022. Nicholas was last seen Christmas shopping at Walmart.

Nicholas had not been seen or heard from since. His family reported him missing and pinned his phone near a bridge. Cops reportedly went to the pinned location of the bridge, but said they did not find Nicholas.

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However, weeks later on January 6, 2023 a motorist saw a vehicle upside down partially submerged in a creek in the afternoon on Wendover Road.

Cops were called and found Nicholas inside the car dead. The car's engine was cold, suggesting that the vehicle was there for weeks, around the same time in which Nicholas was reported missing.

A tow truck was used to pull the car from the creek. Crime scene investigations, EMS and police were also at the scene. At the moment the case is classified as a traffic fatality.