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33-year-old Demarcus Bussey was tasered at the Quik Trip gas station on East Woodlawn Road Charlotte, NC on July 20, 2021. Valencia Wilson, 25, was also arrested. Demarcus and Valencia are allegedly two fugitives from Atlanta with arrest warrants for murder.

Demarcus Bussey and Valencia Wilson

Demarcus Bussey and Valencia Wilson

Police in Charlotte received information from the Atlanta Police Department that two suspects wanted for a murder in Atlanta were in the Charlotte area. 

The information was relayed to officers across Charlotte. Shortly after 9:00 p.m. on July 20th, two officers spotted the vehicle believed to be driven by one of the suspects; however, the driver fled prior to officers conducting the traffic stop. 

Officers spent the next several hours searching for the vehicle, which was ultimately located by detectives in the Real Time Crime Center, which was able to follow the path of the suspect’s vehicle into the parking lot of the QuikTrip at 127 East Woodlawn Road.

Officers quickly moved to locate the vehicle, which was parked next to a pump. Demarcus had gone inside the Quik Trip, which is where officers made contact with him. 

While officers were making the arrest, Demarcus allegedly became actively aggressive and allegedly began fighting the officers. A taser gun was shot at Demarcus, he was hit and went down. Demarcus was then arrested. 

Valencia was still in the vehicle and was arrested without incident. Drugs and a stolen firearm were also found in the vehicle.

A 13-year-old girl was raped by 3 men and then left at a Quik Trip gas station alone.

A ride-share driver drove to a Quik Trip to escape a shootout. 

A Quik Trip was robbed by a man in plain clothing. 

3 suspects robbed a Quik Trip at gunpoint. 

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Another armed robbery at a Quik Trip occured on North Tryon Street. 

A 19-year-old Quik Trip clerk was robbed in the store by a male suspect. 

2 men robbed a Quik Trip around 1:30 am.