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In July 2019 the teen girl was picked up by Cruz. He took her to his apartment at the Ashford Place apartments on Farthington Circle Charlotte, NC and had size with her on his king size mattress.

Cruz admitted that he didn't use a condom when he had sex with the 14-year-old girl. When questioned by officers Cruz said that he was the 14-year-old victim's boyfriend.

In April 2019 Cruz allegedly received a facebook message from the teen girl. Cruz says that the teenage girl wanted to start a relationship with him. The two allegedly would also talk on the phone with each other.

In July 2019 the teenage girl allegedly called Cruz and asked him to come get her from her residence and drive her to his apartment. Cruz granted the alleged request and drove the victim to his apartment. Once at Cruz's apartment, the teenage victim and Cruz had sex with no condom. The girl spent the night with Cruz at his apartment.

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The girl's family eventually filed a missing person statement regarding the 14-year-old girl. Information was received that the victim was at Cruz's apartment. Officers went to Cruz's apartment and found the victim and the suspect.

Cruz admitted to knowing that the victim was 14 years old when he had sex with her. Cruz also admitted to officers that he didn't use a condom when having sex with the minor victim.

The victim then disclosed that she and Jose engaged in vaginal sex. The teen girl was taken to Atrium Health Main to have a sexual assault kit completed.

Cruz was arrested at his apartment.