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A man identified as Chris jumped from I-77 North near Brookshire Blvd. in Charlotte, NC on May 5, 2019. The situation shut down I-77 North for hours, leaving thousands of vehicles at a stand still. There are indications that some motorists were stuck on the interstate without gas and food.

The situation started late night on May 4. A man was at the bridge, threatening suicide, emergency officials were called and tried to talk him down. Chris eventually jumped, killing himself.

During the situation motorists described seeing police vehicles racing down the interstate to get to the scene. Motorists described being tired of waiting in their vehicles for hours at a standstill. Some motorists had kids with them that endured that standstill. Some motorists described being tired, as they were trying to get to work.

After hours upon hours, the scene was cleared, Interstate 77 North is now open.

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