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Carvoia Patton, 44, was killed on May 26, 2021 after being hit by a freight train in Charlotte, NC. At 3:00 a.m., Carvoia was laying on the train tracks near Louise Avenue. 

Carvoia Patton

Carvoia Patton

Carvoia was laying between the tracks as the freight train approached. The engineer and conductor on the train sounded the horn several times and began to slow. The train was then placed into emergency braking. 

The victim was hit and smashed by the train.  

Carvoia made no attempt to get off the tracks to avoid being struck. Speed is not a factor that contributed to the crash from the train. 

Officers responded to the collision and located Carvoia unresponsive on the tracks. Medic responded and pronounced Carvoia deceased on scene.

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