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A fatal collision involving a Charlotte Area Transit System Light Rail train occurred on July 26, 2021 at 9:50 p.m. on East Hebron Street Charlotte, NC. Baltazar Tiquiram Us, 27, died as a result of the crash. 

train IMG_7419

The LYNX Blue Line train was passing East Hebron Street when the driver of a Toyota Tundra truck identified as Baltazar drove around the crossing arms and into the path of the Light Rail train, causing the head on collision. 

The train operator sounded the horn while it was approaching the tracks crossing; the crossing arms’ warning lights were operational and flashing. Police say that impairment is suspected for the driver of the truck, and toxicology results are pending.

The truck and LYNX Blue Line train were damaged as a result of the collision. Baltazar was pronounced deceased on scene. 

None of the four passengers aboard the Light Rail train reported injuries as a result of the collision; however, paramedics did transport the front passenger of the Toyota to the hospital with serious injuries. 

Marty Parrott, 27, was killed after being hit by a Light rail train in Charlotte.

On September 29, 2019 Lakisha McHam, 38, was killed after being struck by a large and heavy CSX cargo train.

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