Robert McManus, 21, was shot dead during NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

On February 15 Robert damaged a vehicle on Nathan Drive by smashing a window. He then approached a female sitting in a different vehicle which was parked in a driveway on Gibbons Link Road and punched her in the face without provocation. This female victim has indicated that she did not know Robert and that the assault was unprovoked.

Robert then continued to jog down Gibbons Link Road when a male drove up in a car. As the male was driving past Robert, Robert threw himself onto the hood of the man’s car.

When the man stopped the vehicle, Robert then smashed out a window of the vehicle at which time the man shot Robert dead.

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The man then drove down the street for about 100 yards, stopped, and immediately called 911. When officers arrived the man surrendered to the officers and voluntarily came to CMPD Headquarters to speak with Detectives.

The gun used in the shooting was located and seized as evidence. At this time it appears that the man and Robert did not know each other prior to this incident.

This case will be presented to officials who will review the evidence and determine if the man that killed Robert will be prosecuted.