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Mortez Hurse, 45, was arrested on April 15, 2021 charged with the murder of Preston Nicholson, 46. The victim was shot and killed on Brookshire Boulevard Charlotte, NC on September 01, 2018. 

Nearly 3 years later, an arrest was made. On the day of the murder, Preston was traveling on Brookshire Boulevard driving a Volvo car. As Preston passed through the intersection, he was shot multiple times.

Preston went unconscious and drove off the side of the road. Medic transported Preston to the hospital where he was treated for life-threatening conditions. Preston remained alive but was unable to breathe on his own. He eventually died.

Mortez was arrested on April 15, 2021 while he was driving an 18-wheeler truck on a highway, during a traffic stop by the Meridian Police Department in Mississippi. Mortez will be extradited to North Carolina at a later date and charged with murder.  

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