James Brewer and Jameriane Ardrey

He killed his girlfriend and then lied saying she overdosed

On August 15, 2019 James Brewer, 42, pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend Jameriane Ardrey, 40, at a motel in Charlotte, NC.

James was sentenced to between 26 and 32 years in prison after accepting a second-degree murder plea deal.

On the afternoon of June 2, 2018 911 was called from a motel on Archdale Drive in reference to an overdose. Officers located an unresponsive female inside the room with physical signs of injuries.

The victim, identified as Jameriane Ardrey was pronounced deceased on scene.

James was on scene and transported voluntarily to police headquarters to be interviewed by Homicide Detectives.

It was determined that James and Jameriane were in a dating relationship and involved in a physical altercation in which James hit Jameriane so hard that he crushed her vocal cord. James first told officers that Jameriane overdosed.

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Wow what kind of iisssh is that. Things are slowly getting worse and nothing is being done to correct it.