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Christopher Watts, 33, (All seen here) has confessed to killing his wife Shanann Watts, 34, and their two daughters — 3-year-old Celeste and 4-year-old Bella.

Chris played the murder off like he didn't do it, as he was on national news advocating for the return of his family. He reported his family missing on Monday.

On Wednesday evening, after nearly two days of searching for the missing woman and children, police in Frederick, Colorado detained husband Chris on suspicion of murder.

While in custody Chris confessed to the murder of his wife and two daughters. He agreed to show officers the location of the dead bodies.

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Chris Watts gave interviews to local and national news stations about his wife’s disappearance on Tuesday and Wednesday, asking for his wife to return home with their daughters and saying that if anyone had taken or harmed them, they should come forward.