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On May 22, 2022 Christopher Thomas, 30, murdered his ex-wife Victoria Thomas in Canton, GA. Victoria's 68-year-old mother Myrna Garcia was shot too. Myrna was holding Christopher's and Victoria's 4-month-old baby.

Christopher Thomas and Victoria Thomas

Christopher Thomas and Victoria Thomas

Christopher and Victoria were recently divorced. Christopher came to Victoria's home. The suspect shot Victoria dead and then shot her mother Myrna while she was holding her 4-month-old grand baby in her arms. 

Christopher then fled the scene. The baby was not shot. A 10-year-old child was also home at the time of the shooting and called 911.

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Myrna was left in critical condition and taken to the hospital by paramedics. The next day Christopher went to a Walmart in Paulding County, GA where he committed suicide via a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Christopher was in the military and may of suffered from PTSD.