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Some people will go to great lengths to avoid paying child support. Joshua Howze, 19, (Seen Left) shot at the mother of his kids on the day of a child support payment court date.

But Howze made his new girlfriend drive. The driver is identified as Dequanda Pinckney, 24, (Seen Middle). Sadly, the kids were with the mother at the time of the shooting, having to encounter intense gunfire.

On June 21, 2018 the mother Harmony Morgan, 20, (Seen Right) was in a custody hearing for child support payments regarding Howze. Dequanda was there too and the women ended up getting into a physical altercation at the hearing.

But things got worse because after the hearing Dequanda drove Howze to Harmony's house on Rocky Brook Court. It was there that Howze used a .45 caliber gun to fire six shots into the home with two kids and four adults inside.

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Howze admitted to shooting at the home, knowing his kids and their mother were inside. The gun that Howze used was stolen.

Howze and Dequanda were charged with Assault with Intent to Kill among other charges.

No one was hit by the shots.