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Exavier Williams was arrested for the February 6 shooting death of Damon Bruce, 45, on hospital property. Exavier is charged with one count of Manslaughter in the killing of Bruce at CMC-Northeast Atruim Health in Concord, NC.

Bruce was shot in the head and died at the scene. The shooting took the hospital on lock-down. Employees and patients were scared.

Concord police were called to a shooting near the entrance of the hospital emergency room on Church Street. An investigation determined Williams and Bruce were at the hospital visiting a shared acquaintance who was receiving medical attention inside the emergency facility on February 6.

At some point, Bruce and Williams engaged in an altercation which led to the shooting of Bruce in the parking lot. Authorities arrested Williams on Wednesday, February 20th, and he was also charged with four unrelated charges stemming from an investigation in Charlotte.

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