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Jarvas Foster, 29, is the manager at Laser Ship in Charlotte, NC that was stealing Air Jordan shoes from customers. He plead guilty in January 2023. XBOX'S and thousands of shoes were stolen.

Jarvas Foster

Jarvas Foster

Thousands of pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes were stolen since mid 2021 in and around Charlotte, NC. The expensive shoes made it to the Laser Ship warehouse, but never arrived to the customers. XBOX video game consoles were stolen also.

Thousands of customers complained about not receiving Air Jordan shoes from Laser Ship. Some customers received refunds from Nike after not receiving the shoes, although the theft was not the fault of Nike.

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Laser Ship launched an investigation and Jarvas was arrested in April 2022, charged with larceny from employee. In January 2023 Jarvas pled to the lesser charge of misdemeanor larceny.

Jarvas will have to pay restitution.