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On August 3, 2020 a Marco's Pizza location received a dismal 88.50 health score. The Marco's Pizza is located at 11218 Providence Road West Charlotte, NC. There was no employee at the Marco's Pizza certified as a food protection manager present during the inspection.

To make matters worse an employee was seen washing their hands for only 5 seconds and then turning off the faucet with their bare hands. The inspector educated the employee about proper hand washing and made the employee rewash their hands properly. Hands are supposed to be washed for 20-30 seconds with soap and warm water. Bare hands should not be used to turn off a faucet, instead use a paper towel or barrier to prevent bare hand contact with a dirty faucet handle.

Another Marco's Pizza employee answered the phone and then put on new gloves without any hand washing.

Several foods in the pizza prep top unit had food maintaining at unsafe temperatures of 49F. Most of the foods had to be discarded. Foods are supposed to be refrigerated at a temperature of 41F or less. There were also portioned cups of pizza sauce sitting at a room temperature of 68F, the inspector had the sauce thrown away.

There was no thin probe thermometer present at Marco's Pizza. During the inspection there were several bags of pizza boxes stored on the floor. Cleaning needed to be done on the shelving of the drying racks, as there was heavy buildup.

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