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26-year-old Devin Williams died in a motor vehicle collision on March 4, 2021. The crash was on Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC. Devin was a master certified mechanic.

In the evening hours Devin was driving a Kawasaki motorcycle allegedly at a high rate of speed on Albemarle Road. As the motorcycle was approaching Nathanael Greene Lane, it struck the rear of a GMC SUV which had turned from Nathanael Greene Lane.

The impact sent Devin crashing onto the ground. The motorcycle immediately became fully engulfed in hot bursting flames. The GMC SUV had damage to the rear. Devin was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased from the injuries he sustained in the crash. The driver of the GMC was not injured and remained on the scene of the crash.

The driver of the GMC SUV was screened for impairment and determined not to be impaired. Toxicology results are pending to determine if impairment was a factor for the operator of the motorcycle. While excessive speed is not a factor for the driver of the GMC, authorities say excessive speed is a factor for the operator of the Kawasaki motorcycle.

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