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No one likes jail food, it tastes weird, the portions are small, and it has little to no seasoning. Well the kitchen at the Mecklenburg County Jail just scored a terrible 85.50 B on a health safety inspection on August 18, 2021. Going to jail is already bad enough, how about some cleanliness? 

The jail is located at 801 East 4th Street Charlotte, NC.

Jail food

Jail food

During the inspection there were fruit flies in the jail and there were pests crawling on the walls and floors in the kitchen. GROSS and DISGUSTING!!  

In the jail kitchen there were dirty metal pans, can openers, metal covers, and strainers that were soiled with food debris. 

There was no active control over food received from another jail that ensured the  food arrived at 41F or below. In fact there were no temperature checks to verify that the food arrived within state legal temperatures. 

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The inspector observed tuna sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, ham sandwiches, chicken salad, ham, along with proportioned bologna and cheese that had unsafe temperatures of above 41F. The cajun beans and sausage were above 41F also.

3 week old out dated pepperoni was found in the jail kitchen, the inspector had the pepperoni discarded. 

During the inspection there was employee food stored on the shelf in the walk-in cooler next to food for service.

Jail serving trays and metal containers were stacked wet; stacking wet can create mildew and bacteria. Even one of the dish machines by the walk-in cooler units were in need of repair.  

There was soap missing from the hand sink. The hoses connected to the bottom of hand sinks had no backflow prevention device available. 

The racks in the walk-in cooler were dirty with debris, the bottom portion of the reach-in refrigeration was dirty with debris, the fans in the main kitchen were dirty with debris, and the exterior surface of the jail serving trays were dirty with debris.