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Aryshanae Mctear died on June 25, 2022 in Jacksonville, Florida. Aryshanae graduated with honors from a Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy Program in 2021 at a Georgia school. Aryshanae's birthday was on June 24, 2022.

Aryshanae Mctear

Aryshanae Mctear

On June 25, 2022 Aryshanae was riding with friends after celebrating her birthday. The time was around 2 a.m. when Aryshanae exited the vehicle on the highway. Aryshanae was a passenger. Aryshanae could not be found. 

Her friends called multiple hospitals and contacted the police, but there were no signs of Aryshanae.

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Some time later, Aryshanae was hit by two cars while walking on Interstate 10 in Jacksonville, FL. The collision caused damage to both vehicles. Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene along with paramedics.

Aryshanae died on the scene. Traffic on the highway was backed up for hours. 

Both involved vehicles stayed at the scene. Neither driver suffered any injuries.

Aryshanae worked as an healthcare worker in Georgia.