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The food protection of consumers that dine at restaurants is important. Food borne illnesses are not fun, so it is imperative that proper food policies are followed. 

The Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant located at 5111 Central Ave. Charlotte, North Carolina received a devastating 76.50 health score on July 26, 2019. There were many violations that included hand washing, flies in the kitchen, and expired foods. Several employees were not trained in health policy.

On March 18, 2019 the Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant received a health score of an 88. So it appears that the restaurant is use to doing things wrong regarding health violations. 

Per the latest July 26 health inspection, whole chickens and ribs were kept out or in locations without proper temperature control. Several cooked items and ready to eat items were expired. 

 An employee was mixing beans with her bare hands, the inspector instructed the female employee to use a utensil. There was raw chicken above ready to consume drinks.

In the walk-in cooler food was observed on the floor. It is noted that MULTIPLE flies were in the kitchen of Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant.

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The facility was not able to provide any information about an employee health policy and the training of their employees. An inspector observed an employee wipe their gloves on their towel around their waist and also touch dirty dishes in the dish area before returning to food and not washing their hands upon changing gloves.

There was unwashed and washed produce that were mixed together on shelves. Also there were several containers of dry goods that were not labeled.

The entire walk-in cooler was too hot and not at the correct cooling temperature, the inspector made the employees discard most of the food in the walk-in. Also the person in charge had little to no active managerial control in the facility. The facility had several violations. Astonishingly the mistakes were blamed on a new employee who had not been training. 

Dishes are suppose to be washed in 110 degree water, but instead Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant employees were washing dishes in 78 degree water. The grease trap was left open which was attracting insects. 

Dead roaches were found in the liquor room at the Ink N Ivy restaurant during a 2019 inspection.

Luxury restaurant Eddie V's got a 83.50 score earlier in 2019.

A Wendy's fast food location received a 86.50 score, they had flies and ants in the restaurant.